Software Quality Assurance (QA) & Testing Services

Create superior products and deliver exceptional customer experiences by leveraging our quality assurance services.

Our QA and Software Testing Services

We offer a comprehensive set of software quality assurance and testing services to provide you with solid, trouble-free software that meets your requirements and business objectives. Our various types of testing and custom-built quality assurance management plans enable you to build consistent quality assurance strategies and ensure your software products are secure and reliable.

Our managed software quality assurance services guarantee your products are always high quality. In addition, our end-to-end QA and testing services can be utilized across every stage of the software application development lifecycle in a variety of setups.

Our Quality Assurance (QA) and Software Testing Tools:

Testing the software is included in the product life cycle. Our quality assurance services cover every single line of code and all the other parts of the software. We use different tools and techniques to ensure flawless functioning and top-notch project implementation.

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Types Of Software We Are Testing:

    • Mobile Apps
    • Web Apps
    • Desktop Apps
    • Saas Software
    • Enterprise Software
    • Payment Solutions
    • Education Platform
    • Social Platforms
    • Marketplace Apps
    • Services Apps
    • Entertainments Apps
    • Sports Apps
    • Transportation Software
    • Healthcare Apps
    • And more

Our Power Packed QA & Testing Process Flow:

Our software quality assurance process flow is defined in a way that leaves no stone unturned to bring the best, bugs-free, reliable and solid product for you.

Requirements Analysis

  • We begin our quality assurance services by digging out the project's specifications and details to surpass our client's expectations. From understanding the client's requirements and goals to grasping product specifications, we keep our thumb on the project's pulse from the beginning.

Test Strategy Planning

  • At this stage, we define scope, QA measures, timelines, scope of non-functional tests, acceptance procedures, and timeframes for each test phase.

Test Case(s) Development

  • Once we have a robust plan in hand, our QA experts get down to transforming ideas into tangible test cases through the test plan and script creation. While reviewing the requirements and planning documents, the trajectory is followed so that nothing cuts the curve at a wrong angle.

Test Execution

  • This stage covers all the manual and automated test cases using the best-in-class methods and tools, following quality KPIs. It also includes incident management, traceability maintenance, and quality reporting. Every execution step meets all pre-defined quality criteria to ensure no technical glitch can escape from our grip.

Bug Resolving & Validation

  • At this stage, we fix all the issues identified in the previous step by keeping QA engineers, leads, and developers on one page who work in a technology-powered collaborative environment. After fixing, we validate the modifications to ensure they don’t cause new errors.

QA Report(s)

  • To ensure a solution is ready for release, we prepare reports covering numerous metrics, from the total number of successful and failed tests to bug listing and their priority.


  • Project delivery is the final step towards our commitment to sticking to the highest quality standards as we check that all test scripts are fully implemented, and no issue is left unaddressed. We deliver the closure report with a summary and recommendations for betterment.

Software Quality Assurance (QA) And Testing Services We Offer:


Manual Testing Services

Our seasoned QA team helps organizations improve their software usability, user interface, and performance on multiple devices by leveraging an array of advanced manual testing tools and approaches. Manual testing implies detailed feedback that leads to creating bug-free effective scalable software.


Automation Testing Services

We offer full-cycle QA automated software testing for web, mobile, and desktop applications to enable improved test coverage, enhance product quality, optimize testing activities, boost productivity, and decrease overall testing times. We can also assist your business in selecting the most appropriate tool based on your needs and budget.


Functional Testing Services

Validating the software system to conform to each functional requirement of the application meets the expected output. Our experienced QA testing team implements functional testing to majorly focus on user interface, database, security, APIs, client or server application and similar functionalities of the application.


Performance Testing Services

Kodex Technologies performance testing services cover a wide range of domains and platforms, including desktop, web, cloud, mobile, and analytics. Our performance testing specialists perform various tests such as stability, speed, load, reliability, and other parameter tests intended to check how the product behaves under normal and extreme workloads.


Usability Testing Services

Monitor application behavior when multiple functions of the application operate concurrently. Our usability testing services include an in-depth analysis of user behavior that identifies potential usability issues in the early phases and create a seamless product that gives users the best experience with smooth navigation flows, proper layout, and interactive UI.


Data Testing Services

Business data protection is the most important part of any business and with our data testing services, we make sure you don't lose a single bite of information when migrating it from one system to another. We will ensure your data's completeness, correctness, and accuracy, regardless of the manipulations you have to perform with it.


Compatibility Testing Services

We create QA compatibility testing solutions designed to test an application’s ability to perform on multiple operating systems, mobile devices, browsers & versions, connection speeds, and in conjunction with third-party apps.


Regression Testing Services

We design our QA regression testing solutions to ensure that there aren’t any adverse effects occurring within existing application functionalities once code changes have been executed in terms of debugging or system enhancements.


Security Testing Services

Our QA security testing solutions enable our experts to dynamically and proactively assess your application’s vulnerabilities by analyzing your source code for security defects to prevent authentication, input, and other system attacks.

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